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CNC Grinding

After CNC milling or CNC turning forming, the surface roughness and behavior tolerance requirements of products are completed by CNC grinding, and the maximum dimension tolerance can reach ± 0.001mm.

CNC Grinding Capabilities

1. The technology of cnc china machining is combined with the function of cnc grinding, so that the function of cnc grinding is diversified, so as to meet the different needs of users and improve the work efficiency. Then, to improve the processing quality of the workpiece.

2. The surface quality of the workpiece can be improved by cnc grinding with different grinding tools. And, through the use of numerical control technology, to improve the processing efficiency of the complex workpiece.

3. If the hardness of the workpiece is relatively high, the grinder can also be used for processing, and the same is true for brittle materials. In addition, a good treatment effect can be obtained.

4. Through the computer software, to optimize the control of the equipment, eliminate the human error, so that the precision surface grinding services in cnc machining metal can also be improved.

CNC Grinding Material and Finishes. Moreover, in terms of control, it can also achieve this degree of accuracy of our CNC grinding services.

MaterialAlloys SteelBronze Alloys
CopperStainless Steel
BrassCarbon Steel
FeaturesRoughnessHigh Precision Tolerance
Mirror Polishing

Maximum DimensionsSurface Grinder3000mm*550mm/Internal and external grinderφ1500mm*5000mm
Milling Tolerance±0.001mm
Inspection CapabilitiesCMMProjector
Imaging Measuring InstrumentHardness
Metallographic MicroscopeNon-destructive Equipment
Automatic Thread Inspection Equipment
Surface Finished


Advantage of CNC Grinding

  • Precision

    The high precision of our precision surface grinding services is the embodiment of CNC grinding machine quality, it directly reflects on the production quality of machining parts. Due to the high precision requirement of CNC grinder, it is required to optimize the structure of the machine tool, adopt high-grade functional components, and have good static, dynamic, and thermal performance.

  • Composite

    Multi-axis linkage control and multi-process compound grinding are some of the main technical characteristics of a CNC grinder. CNC grinding machine can realize the grinding of complex surface and composite cutting tools at one time.

  • High Speed
    High Speed

    CNC grinding  serbices machine processing form is mainly high-speed, high-precision form grinding. The application of CNC diamond grinding tools and CBN grinding tools and other superhard material grinding tools puts forward new requirements for the high-speed performance of grinding machines, such as the grinding wheel shaft generally adopts the motorized spindle with the speed of more than 10000 R / min; the CNC grinding machine tool is required to have excellent electromechanical coupling, servo optimization and high acceleration performance. The application of direct drive components such as motorized spindle, torque motor and the linear motor has become a new highlight of the high-speed performance of CNC grinder.

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