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Capabilities of custom stamping to complicate machining and manufacturing services in China
  • CNC Machining
    ETCN offers precise custom CNC machining services in China, including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC boring, and CNC grinding.
  • Casting
    Casting is one of the basic processes of modern equipment manufacturing. Die casting and gravity casting are available at ETCN.
  • Metal Stamping
    Progressive die stamping and stretch forming are two types of metal stamping process, which can process parts with a large size range and more complex shapes.
  • Forging
    Forging is one of the main processing methods to provide mechanical parts in the mechanical manufacturing industry. Through hot forging and cold forging, the mechanical and physical properties of the metal can be improved.
  • Plastic Molding
    ETCN is specialized in injection molding manufacturing. With advanced molding technology, high-quality plastic material, good quality control process, we will attempt to meet the tolerance standard.
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    As a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets, ETCN offers sheet metal fabrication including shearing, punching, cutting, compounding, folding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc.
  • Precision Machining
    With the precision machining services offered by ETCN, companies and factories can produce parts of nearly any shape from soft metals like aluminum, harder metals like steel, and plastics such as acetal.
Industrial Machining and Manufacturing Services Application

As a machining and manufacturing company, ETCN manufactures parts here in China covering different fields from simple stamping to complicate machining and manufacturing services. We struggle with what to call ourselves since we are not a traditional machine shop, seller, or a metal parts service. Once you work with ECN, you will call us a trusted and professional partner. Currently, we have CNC manufacturing services such as machine enter, automate grinding machine, meter lathe milling machine, dilling center, and stamping machine, etc.

Specialized Services

In today's fast-moving, global economy, specialization translates into success. ETCN provides our clients with the most professional CNC machining services from China.


As a CNC manufacturing company from China, we enjoy a good reputation and maintain a high-trust environment, with only trustworthy people in our team.


All parts leaving T-artisan's dock are professionally packaged to protect the merchandise to the customers facility.


We are honest at all times providing precision CNC machining and manufacturing services.

Business Philosophy

We've built our business with a simple philosophy: deliver exceptional value with the best CNC service.

Skilled workforce

Ongoing training and apprentice program to develop the next generation of skilled workers for ETCN.

Excellent Communication

Ongoing training and apprentice program to develop the next generation of skilled workers.

Successful Track Record

T-artisan has been providing world-class quality CNC China service since 1995.

ETCN Machined Products
  • Precision Casting and Precision Machining
  • Precision Forging And Precision Machining
  • Precision Milling Machine And Surface Grinder Processing
  • Precision Stamping and Laser Welding
Case Studies

ETCN can produce types of products through precision CNC machining services.

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