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Steel A36

Want to know more about Steel A36? ETCN has you covered. Get all the facts you need, including its properties, applications, and more.

Details of Steel A36

Alternative NamesYield StrengthTensile StrengthDensityThermal ConductivityElectrical ConductivityMelting PointPost TreatmentsCommon ApplicationsAlloy Variations
ASTM A36, SS400250 MPa (36 ksi)400-550 MPa (58-80 ksi)7.85 g/cm³51.9 W/mK6.37x10⁶ S/m1425-1540 °C (2597-2804 °F)Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching, TemperingConstruction, Industrial, Manufacturing, AutomotiveA36 Modified, A36 Steel Plate, A36 Steel Sheet

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