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Precise CNC Boring

CNC boring is used for the shaft sleeve in the transmission shaft of large equipment, and the tolerance of the bearing position is +0.03mm. After welding the accessories, use CNC horizontal boring and milling equipment to process both sides with a concentricity of 0.05mm.

CNC Boring Capabilities

CNC horizontal milling and boring machine are suitable for machining large and medium-sized parts and box parts rough and fine boring, milling, and other processes. The worktable is equipped with 4x90 ° optical positioning device, which can meet the requirements of large parts turning. The CNC horizontal milling and boring machine are suitable for the hole and plane processing of box parts with many processes, turning of a cylindrical surface, cutting of annular groove in the hole, tapping of male and an English screw thread with a tap, etc. It also has the technological functions of the rectangular coordinate system, polar coordinate system and contour processing of CNC machine tool. The CNC horizontal milling and boring machine is a high-efficiency and precision technique of advanced  precision cnc machining China.Because the CNC horizontal milling and the boring machine have high rigidity and closed-loop detection system, which can meet the requirements of rough and quality machining.

CNC Boring Material and Finishes

MaterialAlloys SteelBronze Alloys
Aluminum AlloyStainless Steel
CopperCarbon Steel
Maximum Dimensions6000mm*2000mm
Milling Tolerance±0.01mm
Inspection CapabilitiesCMMProjector
Imaging Measuring InstrumentHardness
Metallographic MicroscopeNon-destructive Equipment
Automatic Thread Inspection Equipment
Surface FinishedZinc PlatedSand Blasted
Nickel PlatedBlacking
TD CoatingPhosphating
DacrometZinc-Nickel Plating

Advantage of CNC Boring

CNC boring and milling machining has the characteristics of strong rigidity, high machining accuracy and efficiency, good stability, long transverse travel, large bearing capacity and powerful cutting. The cnc china machining boring and milling is a kind of extreme precision machining. It is especially suitable for the boring and milling of the large planes and the finishing of large box parts and hole series. In addition to drilling, boring, expanding and reaming, various accessories can also be used for turning, milling and screw pattern processing.

Customized CNC Boring Parts
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