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Zinc Alloy Used in Precision Machining Service

Zinc alloys, popularly known for their versatility and cost-effectiveness, are frequently used in CNC machining for various applications. Here are key points regarding the use of zinc alloys in CNC machining:

Material Overview:

Zinc alloys are metal alloys composed primarily of zinc, with other alloying elements such as aluminum, copper, and magnesium added in varying proportions.

Applications in CNC Machining:

  1. Prototyping: Zinc alloys are commonly used for creating prototypes of components due to their machinability and ease of shaping.

  2. Die Casting: CNC machining complements the die casting process for zinc alloys, allowing for additional machining to achieve precise tolerances.

  3. Consumer Electronics: Zinc alloys are employed in the production of components for consumer electronics, including housings, connectors, and brackets.

  4. Automotive Parts: Used for manufacturing various automotive components such as handles, knobs, and decorative elements.

  5. Hardware and Fasteners: CNC machining of zinc alloys is applied in the production of hardware, fasteners, and small mechanical parts.

CNC Machining Benefits:

  • Precision: CNC machining ensures high precision in cutting and shaping zinc alloy components.

  • Complex Geometries: Zinc alloys can be machined into complex shapes, allowing for intricate and detailed designs.

  • Surface Finishing: The cnc machining and manufacturing allows for various surface finishes, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of zinc alloy components.

Advantages of Zinc Alloys in CNC Machining:

  1. Machinability: Zinc alloys are easily machined, making them suitable for CNC processes and allowing for intricate designs.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Zinc alloys are often cost-effective for CNC machining due to their availability and ease of processing.

  3. Good Casting Properties: Many zinc alloys are used in die casting, providing efficient casting properties that complement CNC machining.


  • Brittleness: Some zinc alloys may exhibit brittleness, and careful consideration should be given to design and machining parameters.

  • Corrosion Resistance: While zinc alloys offer good corrosion resistance, specific alloys may be chosen based on the application's environmental conditions.

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