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What Is Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining?

Numerical control processing is the operation of machine tools using computerized digital control. CNC machine tools process products and components according to programs previously compiled by technical personnel.

What Is CNC Machining and How Does It Work?

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining refers to the process of machining parts on a CNC machine tool. CNC machine tools are computer-controlled machine tools, and the computer that controls the machine tool is collectively called the numerical control system.

The instructions of the numerical control system are compiled by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, processing requirements, characteristics of the machine tool, and instruction format specified by the system. Any numerical control machine tool cannot operate without inputting program instructions.

The principle of numerical control processing

The principle of numerical control processing is the process of numerical control processing:

Firstly, the geometric information and process information of the machined parts on the drawing are digitized. That is, the control and operation of the relative motion trajectory of the tool and the workpiece, the changing of the spindle speed and feed speed during the processing, the switching of the coolant, and the changing of the workpiece and tool are compiled into a processing program according to the prescribed code and format, and then the program is input into the numerical control system.

The numerical control system performs corresponding calculations and processing according to the requirements of the program, and finally issues control commands to coordinate the coordinate axes, main spindle, and auxiliary actions to achieve relative motion of the tool and workpiece and automatically complete the machining of the parts.

What Is CNC Machining Technology?

Simply put, it is using digital control systems to complete the entire part processing on machining equipment. This type of machine tool is called a numerical control machine tool. This is a modern machining method. At the same time, numerical control processing technology has become a symbol of the development of the country's manufacturing industry.

Using numerical control processing technology, many curved parts that could not be processed before can be processed, and the accuracy and precision of processing can be well guaranteed. Generally speaking, compared with traditional mechanical processing methods, numerical control processing technology has the following advantages:

High processing efficiency

The use of digital control methods can process complex curved surfaces. Since the machining process is controlled by a computer, the interchangeability of the parts is strong, and the processing speed is fast.

High processing accuracy

Compared with traditional machining equipment, the numerical control system optimizes the transmission device, increases the resolution, and reduces human errors, so the efficiency of processing can be greatly improved.

Low labor intensity

Since automatic control is adopted, that is, the entire processing process is completed by the numerical control system. Unlike traditional processing methods, which are cumbersome, when operators work on numerical control machine tools, they only need to monitor the operating status of the equipment. Therefore, the labor intensity is very low.

Strong adaptability

The numerical control processing system is like a computer, which can modify or change its operation mode by adjusting some parameters, so the range of processing can be greatly expanded.

Good working environment

Numerical control machine tools are high-tech products that integrate mechanical control, strong electric control, and weak electric control. They have high requirements for the operating temperature, humidity and environment of the machine tools.

Easy employment and high salary

Because China is in a stage of rapid development of numerical control processing technology, a large number of numerical control machine tools and advanced processing methods have been quickly introduced, but there are not many skilled personnel who can operate numerical control technology, resulting in a severe shortage of talent in this industry.

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