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What Are the Principles of Precision Machining Fabrication?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of processing on the market, but not all of them are applicable, especially when different machines are used for processing. Therefore, we have to choose according to our actual situation. What are the principles of machining fabrication?

1. In precise machining fabrication, process the datum plane first

In the process of precision machining fabrication of parts, the appearance of the datum reference should be processed first, so as to provide a precise reference for the machining of subsequent processes as soon as possible, which is known as "datum as the priority".

2. Precision machining fabrication is divided into a few processing stages

Surfaces with high requirements on precision machining fabrication quality should go through a few processing stages, which can generally be divided into three stages: rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing. It is mainly to ensure the processing quality; it is conducive to the rational use of equipment; it is convenient to arrange the heat treatment process; and it is convenient to find blank defects in time.

3. In precision machining fabrication, process the plane first and then the hole

For parts such as box, bracket and connecting rod, the plane should be machined first and then the hole should be machined. In this way, the hole can be positioned and machined on a plane, the positional accuracy of the plane and the hole can be ensured, and the precision machining of the hole on the plane can be facilitated.

4. The finishing of precision machining fabrication

The finishing of the main surface of the workpiece (such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc.) should be carried out after other technological processes. The surface brightness after precision machining should be above Ra0.8um. A little collision will damage the appearance. In Japan, Germany and other countries, after finishing, it is necessary to use flannel for maintenance, and it is not allowed to directly touch the workpiece with hands or other objects, so as to avoid damaging the appearance of finishing due to the device between the processes.

At present, we have small CNC machining centers, automatic lathes, grinders, instrument lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, punching machines, etc. Our capabilities also include our own machining processes such as stamping, lathe, wire cutting and more, as well as extended processes such as deburring, assembly, shot and sand blasting, heat treatment, surface plating and powder coating/painting. Original technologies such as hot/cold drawing, casting and forging can also be combined with long-term experience.

We have the expertise to certify our components prior to distribution to ensure the quality that our customers demand. Our exceptional high quality + low cost is our reputation and the key to our continued success over the years. We serve our clients with a high level of quality, delivery and valued custom machining services.

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