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What Are the Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication?

In today's technological advancement, whether the process selection is correct or not is directly related to the production cost of the product. Let's talk to you about the advantages of sheet metal working.

Ⅰ. sheet metal working is more practical

For example, proofing parts are generally in small batches, and there is no specific follow-up processing quantity. sheet metal working is generally chosen, which is cheaper and more reasonable. If there is a batch of sheet metal parts processing, the sheet metal parts processing is called stamping processing. Therefore, it seems that sheet metal working is more practical.

To understand the advantages of china metal machining process, you need to understand its processing such as opening and closing, deburring, bending, secondary processing, spraying and other processes. Except that the deburring process is done manually, the rest processes are done by machine. By positioning, realize the mechanization and automatic processing of parts, so that sheet metal fabrication services companies can greatly improve the efficiency of parts processing and product quality. The cutting machine is an obvious example. The CNC punching machine, laser machine, and shearing machine of cutting machine all use the original point set by the factory and the position fixture before the X and Y coordinates to achieve automation.

Ⅱ. Advantages of sheet metal working

1. The number of punching work is simple and convenient, and it has greater advantages for workpieces with slightly complicated shapes. However, the thickness needs to be within the range of sheet metal working and the board placement program can be automatically completed after the process is good. In addition to the initial investment costs, the later investment costs are lower, which helps companies improve economic efficiency.

2. The parts of sheet metal working service enterprises are of good quality. The parts not only achieve high precision, but also have good flatness, so that the products are unified. The production efficiency of CNC punch presses is very high. The digital punching machine can realize the mass production of parts, and the production speed is fast. With high-speed and high-quality, its processing methods are also diverse, including single punches, continuous punches, and series of punches.

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