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Top 10 CNC Machining Services Suppliers in the USA for 2024

In the heart of American manufacturing, a select group of CNC machining service suppliers reign supreme. They wield advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship to transform raw materials into intricate masterpieces, driving innovation across diverse industries. As we enter 2024, let's celebrate these top 10 titans of precision:

ZETWERK Manufacturing USA Inc.548 Market St #70774, San Francisco, CA 94104
Turner Bellows, Inc.526 Child St, Rochester, NY 14606
Coweta Tech Precision Inc.207 Pine Rd, Newnan, GA 30263
Owens Industries7815 S 6th Street, Oak Creek WI 53154 USA
Celestica Inc.Celestica, 1900-5140 Yonge Street, PO Box 42, Toronto, Ontario M2N 6L7
Impro Industries USA, Inc.21680 Gateway Center Dr Suite 368B, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Ultra Precision Machining & Grinding, Inc.2870 Kirby Circle Unit 6
Portland Precision Manufacturing Co.16327 NE Cameron Blvd. - Portland, Oregon 97230
Proto Labs, Inc.5540 Pioneer Creek Dr.Maple Plain, MN 55359
Stratasys Direct Manufacturing7665 Commerce Way Eden Prairie, MN 55344

1. ZETWERK Manufacturing USA Inc.:

This industry leader boasts impressive capacity with over 50 CNC machines, specializing in high-volume, complex parts for aerospace, medical, and defense sectors. Zetwerk's commitment to automation and digital workflows ensures impeccable quality and efficient delivery.


2. Turner Bellows, Inc.:

Operating since 1955, Turner Bellows leverages decades of expertise to craft intricate parts for the medical, energy, and semiconductor industries. Their ISO 13485 certification for medical devices underscores their dedication to stringent quality control.


3. Coweta Tech Precision Inc.:

Located in the heart of Georgia, Coweta Tech focuses on high-precision, low-volume projects for diverse industries. Their 5-axis machining capabilities combined with in-house finishing services make them a one-stop shop for demanding projects.

4. Owens Industries:

Owens Industries specializes in high-precision CNC machining, particularly for complex and tight-tolerance components. Their advanced equipment and expertise make them a preferred choice for industries demanding intricate parts.

5. Celestica Inc.:

A global leader in electronics manufacturing, Celestica's US arm offers sophisticated CNC machining capabilities alongside their electronics assembly services. This integrated approach simplifies supply chains and streamlines production for complex electronic devices.


6. Impro Industries USA, Inc.:

With a focus on small-batch, high-complexity machining, Impro Industries caters to industries like aerospace, defense, and medical. Their skilled engineers and advanced 5-axis machines tackle challenging designs with exceptional precision. 


7. Ultra Precision Machining & Grinding, Inc.:

True to their name, Ultra Precision specializes in near-net-shape and tight-tolerance machining, particularly for medical and dental applications. Their expertise in exotic materials like titanium and beryllium makes them a go-to for demanding medical implants.

8. Portland Precision Manufacturing Co.:

Based in Oregon, Portland Precision leverages its vast experience and diverse equipment portfolio to serve a wide range of industries. They excel in custom machining, prototype development, and low- to medium-volume production runs.


9. Proto Labs, Inc.:

A pioneer in rapid prototyping, Proto Labs offers fast turnaround times and a variety of CNC machining services for plastic and metal parts. Their online ordering platform and design-for-manufacturability (DFM) tools simplify the prototyping process for engineers and inventors.


10. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing:

Combining traditional CNC machining with additive manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing offers a comprehensive suite of services for producing complex prototypes and low-volume production parts.


Beyond the Rankings:

While these ten suppliers represent the best of the best, it's important to remember that the "perfect" CNC machining partner depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like your project's complexity, material requirements, volume, budget, and desired turnaround time. Research each supplier's capabilities, certifications, and customer testimonials to make an informed decision.

The future of American manufacturing rests on the shoulders of these skilled CNC machining service suppliers. Their dedication to precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction propels industries forward and shapes the world around us, one meticulously crafted component at a time.

Other Top 10 CNC Machining Services Suppliers:

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