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The Division of CNC Machining Technology and Solutions to the Problems

1. How to arrange the CNC machining process?

Traditional CNC machining is performed by manual operation of ordinary machine tools. During machining, the machine tool is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the precision of the product is measured by the eye with tools such as calipers. Modern industry has already used computer digitally controlled machine tools for operations. Numerically controlled machine tools can automatically process any product and parts directly according to the program prepared by the technicians in advance.

For the parts processed on CNC machine tools, their machining processes are generally divided according to the principle of process concentration. The methods of division are as follows:

(1) Divided according to the tools used

Taking the technological process completed by the same tool as a process, this division method is suitable for situations where there are many workpiece surfaces to be CNC machined. Machining centers often use this method.

(2) Divided according to the number of workpiece installations

Take the technological process that can be completed by one clamping of the parts as a process. This method is suitable for parts with few processing contents. Under the premise of ensuring the processing quality of the parts, all processing contents can be completed in one clamping.

(3) Divided according to rough and finish machining

The part of the process completed in rough machining is regarded as one process, and the part of the process completed in precision CNC machining is regarded as another process. This division method is suitable for parts that have strength and hardness requirements, require heat treatment or require high precision, require effective removal of internal stress, and have large deformation after machining. In this case, the CNC machining of parts needs to be divided into rough and fine machining stages.

(4) Divided according to processing part

The part of the process that completes the same profile is regarded as a process. For parts with many and more complex surfaces in CNC machining and manufacturing, the sequence of CNC machining, heat treatment, and auxiliary processes should be reasonably arranged, and the connection problem between processes should be resolved.

2. Is CNC machining technology important? How to solve trivial problems?

CNC machining accessories is a method of processing some parts on a CNC lathe. CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools are basically the same in processing technology, and there is no big difference. It mainly solves the problems of variable parts, small batches, complex shapes and high precision requirements.

The CNC machining technology is divided in detail. For example, the surface of the bearing journal +60mm has undergone multiple CNC precision machining technologies such as rough turning, fine turning, rough grinding and final grinding. There are also some heat treatment technologies in the middle to reduce the deformation caused by the internal stress. For example, there will be noise during CNC machining, and the noise is mainly generated by oil pumps and valves.

When the valve is noisy, the reason is that the flow exceeds the rated standard, and the flow should be adjusted appropriately; when the oil pump is noisy, the reasons and corresponding solutions are also multifaceted. When there is high oil viscosity and low oil temperature, the solution is to raise the oil temperature; when there are bubbles in the oil, the air in the system should be released and so on.

(1) The amount of metal processing in the middle frame has increased

3D glass shell mobile phones have higher requirements for metal strength. 6,7 series aluminum alloys can barely meet the requirement, but the stainless steel is more preferable, which is difficult to process and thus work hours will increase.

(2) The amount of graphite molds processed by CNC machining has increased

It is not cost-effective to use CNC machining for 3D glass hyperboloid screen because of long working hours, and low efficiency. At present, the hot bending machine is basically used. The hot bending technology finishes a large part of work done by the CNC machining, and the hot bending of the glass requires more graphite furnace molds, so part of CNC production capacity will shift from metal processing to graphite mold processing.

(3) CNC machining can achieve from metal processing to glass edging

In order to fit the screen and the mobile phone, 3D glass needs edging by precision CNC machining, so some CNC will be used for glass edging.

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