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The Development Trend of Extreme Precision Machining

1. Extreme precision machining can achieve high precision and high efficiency

High precision and high efficiency are the eternal theme of extreme precision machining. In general, fixed abrasive grain processing continuously pursues the processing accuracy of free abrasive grains, while free abrasive grain processing continuously pursues the efficiency of fixed abrasive grain processing. Although current ultra-precision machining technologies such as CMP and EEM can achieve extremely high surface quality and surface integrity, they are guaranteed by sacrificing processing efficiency. Although ultra-precision cutting and grinding technologies have high processing efficiency, they cannot obtain the processing accuracy such as CMP and EEM. Exploring processing methods that can balance efficiency and precision has become the goal of researchers in the field of ultra-precision processing. The emergence of semi-fixed abrasive grain processing methods reflects this trend, for example composite processing methods such as electrolytic magnetic grinding and magnetorheological abrasive flow machining.

2. Extreme precision machining can boost process integration

Nowadays, competition among enterprises is becoming fierce, and high production efficiency has increasingly become a condition for enterprises to survive. In this context, there have been calls for "replacement of research by grinding" and even "replacement of throwing by grinding", in which premier precision machining is very important. On the other hand, the trend of using one equipment to complete multiple processing (such as turning, drilling, milling, grinding, and finishing) is becoming more and more obvious.

3. Extreme precision machining can ensure the large-scale and miniaturized production quality

In order to process large-scale optoelectronic devices (such as mirrors on large-scale astronomical telescopes) needed in aviation, aerospace and other fields, large-scale ultra-precision processing equipment needs to be established. In order to process micro-devices (such as micro-sensors, micro-drive components, etc.) required in the fields of micro-electronic machinery, optoelectronic information etc., the micro-ultra-precision processing equipment is needed (but this does not mean that processing micro-small work pieces must require micro-small processing equipment).

Extreme precision machining technology is ushering in a prosperous era. Ultra-precision cutting, ultra-precision grinding, ultra-precision grinding and polishing technologies have made great progress. After processing, the surface accuracy of the work piece can reach the nanometer or sub-nanometer level, and the processing methods are becoming increasingly diversified. In the production and manufacture of flow meter sensors, in order to achieve extreme precision machining of products, precision processing technology ensures the processing accuracy of products.

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