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The Content and Analysis of CNC Turning in Machining

As a kind of high-efficiency equipment, CNC machine tools want to give full play to its high performance, high precision and high automation. In addition to mastering the performance, characteristics and operation methods of the machine tools, detailed process analysis and determination should be carried out before programming. And together with reasonable processing technology to get the best processing plan.

1. The content of CNC turning in machining

The CNC turning in machining is the sum of the methods and technical means used when machining parts with a CNC lathe. Its main content includes the following aspects:

(1) Select and confirm the CNC turning processing content of the part;

(2) Analyze the CNC turning processing technology of the parts drawings;

(3) Selection and adjustment design of tools and fixtures;

(4) Design of working procedures and steps;

(5) Calculation and optimization of processing track;

(6) Compilation, verification and modification of CNC turning processing programs;

(7) Trial processing of the first piece and handling of on-site problems;

(8) Compile technical documents of CNC machining technology; In short, the content of CNC machining technology is more, some of which are similar to ordinary machine tool processing.

2. Analysis of CNC turning in machining technology

Process analysis is the preliminary process preparation for CNC turning.

Whether the process is reasonable or not has an important influence on the programming of the program, the machining efficiency of the machine tool and the machining accuracy of the parts. In order to compile a reasonable and practical processing program, the programmer is required not only to understand the working principle, performance characteristics and structure of the CNC lathe. Master the programming language and programming format, and should also be proficient in the work piece processing technology, determine a reasonable cutting amount, and correctly select the tool and work piece clamping method. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the general process principles and combine the characteristics of CNC lathes, and analyze the CNC turning process carefully and in detail. The main contents are: analyze the processing requirements and rationality of the parts according to the drawings; determine the clamping method of the work piece on the CNC lathe; the processing sequence of each surface, the feed route of the tool, and the selection of tools, fixtures and cutting quantities.

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