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Seven Characteristics of CNC Precision Machining

What are the typical features of CNC precision machining? We would like to analyze detailedly for everyone as following:

1. High degree automation of CNC precision machining

It can reduce the labor intensity for workers. Precision machining process is completed automatically by the input program, the operator only needs to put cutter, unloading workpieces, replace the cutter at the first beginning. During the processing of CNC precision machining, it is mainly to observe and supervise the machine tool operation.

2. CNC precision machining parts with high precision and stable quality

Positioning accuracy and repeated positioning precision of CNC machining tool are very high, as long as the technological design and the program is reasonable, correct and careful operation, it can guarantee the parts could get high CNC precision machining accuracy , it facilitates to control the quality during the work processing.

3. High production efficiency of CNC precision machining

CNC machining tool is able to machine multiple machined surfaces in a single clamp, generally only test the first one, due to quality of the parts produced by CNC precision machining are very stable, it facilitates to follow up the process, its comprehensive efficiency is obvious.

4. CNC precision machining to facilitate new product development and modification

Generally CNC machining doesn't need a lot of complex technological equipment, it can process the complicated shape and high precision parts by machining program, when products modify and change the design, it only needs to change the program.Therefore, CNC precision machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle, to provide a shortcut for the new product research and development, product improvement and modification.

5. CNC precision processing can be developed to more advanced manufacturing system

CNC machining tools and its machining technology are the foundation of computer-aided manufacturing.

6. Large initial investment of CNC precision machining

This is caused by high cost of CNC machining tool equipment, processing and preparation period is long for the first time, high maintenance cost, etc.

7. High maintenance requirements of CNC precision machining

CNC machining tool is a typical product of technology-intensive mechatronics, the maintenance personnel needs to know both machinery and microelectronics maintenance knowledge, in the meanwhile, also needs to be equipped with better equipment maintenance.

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