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Safety Operation and Related Maintenance of CNC Machining Center

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the demand of CNC machining center is expanding. The application of CNC technology has brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, making the manufacturing industry become the characteristics of industrialization. With the increasing demand of CNC machining center, the safe operation and maintenance of machining center has become a hot topic for operators to discuss.

What should we pay attention to for the maintenance of CNC machining center?

1. Attach great importance to the maintenance of machining center

Especially for the operators of CNC machining center, proper maintenance of machinery during operation will prolong the service life of machining center and improve production efficiency.

2. Improve the comprehensive quality of operators

Machining center is a typical mechatronics product, involving a wide range of knowledge, so the operator should have organic, electrical, hydraulic, gas and other related professional knowledge; CNC system of machining center upgrades and updates very fast, if the operator does not carry out professional training, it is difficult to master the application of the new generation of CNC system. Therefore, the application of machining center requires high professional knowledge of operators. Therefore, it is necessary to train the operators systematically. When there are other problems in the machining center, the operators should have the ability of analysis.

3. To create a good use environment for CNC machine tools

CNC machining center working contains a large number of electronic components, which has high requirements for the installation environment. In order to avoid the normal work of machinery affected by corrosion and short circuit, direct sunlight, humidity, dust, vibration etc. should be avoided. In addition, after the use of CNC machining center, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning, keep the machinery dry, constant temperature and no vibration. For the power supply, it is necessary to maintain a stable voltage, one-way operation generally, and only ± 10% fluctuation is allowed.

4. Strictly follow the correct operating procedures

No matter what type of machining center, there is a set of its own operating procedures, which is not only one of the important measures to ensure the personal safety of operators, but also an important measure to ensure the safety of equipment and the quality of products. Therefore, the operator must operate the machine correctly according to the operation rules. If the machine tool is used for the first time or not for a long time, it should be idled for about 10 minutes, and special attention should be paid to the sequence and precautions of starting and shutting down in use.

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