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Quality and Safety Management Issues in CNC Machining Processes

Insufficient quality of CNC machining technicians

In actual production, the CNC precision machining technology awareness of relevant personnel is weak, which leads to the occurrence of non-standard, inattentive, and perfunctory operations. This concept is prone to safety problems, and the lack of attention to operation standards makes it difficult to detect problems in production, which magnifies minor issues and deepens the losses caused by operational errors.

In addition, the phenomenon of temporary substitution often occurs in production, allowing personnel who have not mastered CNC operating techniques and lack sufficient operational experience to carry out production, resulting in a drop in product quality and having a significant negative impact on production.

Insufficient quality assurance of CNC machining parts

The overall operation of the equipment is determined by the standardization and quantification of its parts, so particular attention must be paid to the quality of the parts. CNC machining programs are relatively scattered in the industry, involving a large number of parts, and have a relatively diverse composition. In practical operation, it is easy to cause damage to parts, necessitating the inspection of the quality and working conditions of parts during use to ensure the flow and connectivity of CNC operations and the correlation and processing of equipment parts in CNC technology.

However, in actual production, the neglect of part quality during assembly and operation easily leads to deformation of the parts and lacks reliable quality assurance for the parts.

Imperfect CNC machining sequence

In the current mechanical manufacturing field, although CNC machining technology has been improved and widely promoted, China started CNC technology relatively late, and the level of technology still needs to be further improved. This has led to a lack of comprehensive consideration of production processes by relevant personnel in actual production.

However, CNC technology is also a relatively precise craft, with strong coherence and continuity in each link. Without a good production sequence, it is easy to cause problems in production quality, which further enhances safety risks in production.

Outdated quality and safety management system for CNC machining

The quality and safety management and supervision of CNC machining technicians' quality, parts quality, and operation processes require a set of comprehensive supporting system and safety management methods to ensure. However, in the current production, due to the constraints of personnel vision, thinking, technology, and other aspects, a comprehensive safety management system that supports the technological innovation and economic development of the machinery manufacturing industry has not been formed. If product quality is not guaranteed, it will affect the industry's reputation, and further damage the economic interests of the enterprise.

Moreover, the uneven development of institutionalization has resulted in imperfect standardization in actual production, leading to an uneven product quality.

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