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Precision Machining

ETCN offers cost-effective precision machining solutions whether you need a single part, a batch of prototypes. With the precision CNC machining services offered by ETCN, companies, and factories can produce parts of nearly any shape from soft metals like aluminum, harder metals like steel, plastics such as acetal and titanium. 

Advantages of Precision Machining

Precision machining is an essential manufacturing process that enables companies to produce the most delicate parts with the tightest tolerances imaginable. Here are just some of its main advantages over alternative approaches:

  • High Precision
    High Precision

    As the name implies, high precision CNC machining offers unparalleled accuracy, producing consistent quality with every part that is produced.

  • Less Waste
    Less Waste

    Precision machining produces minimal waste, saving on materials, and maintains environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices by ETCN—the most professional CNC precision machining company.

  • Minimal Errors
    Minimal Errors

    Our precision CNC machining company adopts CNC technology, which is largely automated and reduces the probability of error to the minimum.

  • Cost-Effective

    The high-tech nature of the process also means that there is less waste, less labor, and a low chance of error during our CNC precision machining services, which makes it one of the most cost-effective manufacturing methods.

  • Efficiency

    Because of the automated nature of the process precision CNC machining, it can produce parts very efficiently and with minimal workforce intervention.

Precision Machining FAQS

  • The Shape Of The Tool

    In the CNC precision machining factory, the shape of the tool, the size of the angle, and the sharpness of the cutting edge will affect the selection of cutting speed.

  • Deformation Of The Workpiece After Processing

    As for the precision CNC engineering, adjust the gap of the spindle bearing; if it is high-speed cutting, the adjusted gap can be slightly larger, if you often work at low speed, the gap should be smaller. If the spindle gap is adjusted at a low speed, shaft holding may occur during high-speed operation. The general gap should be between 0.02~0.04 mm.

  • Tool Material

    Different tool materials have different maximum cutting speeds. The high-temperature resistant cutting speed of high-speed steel tools is less than 50m/min, the high-temperature resistant cutting speed of tungsten carbide tools can reach more than 100m/min, and the high-temperature resistant cutting speed of ceramic tools can reach 1000/min.

  • Workpiece Material

    The hardness of the workpiece material will affect the cutting speed of the tool. When the same tool is processing hard materials, the cutting speed needs to be reduced, while the cutting speed can be increased when processing softer materials. If a long tool life is required, a lower cutting rate should be used. Conversely, higher cutting speeds can be used.

  • Cutting Depth And Feed

    The cutting depth and the feed rate are large, the cutting resistance is also large, and the cutting heat will increase, so the cutting speed of the CNC machine tool should be reduced during metal machining services.

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