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New product introduction ┃ silicon carbide parts

Silicon carbide is second only to diamond and boron carbide, and its hardness is up to HRC60-65. It has high wear resistance and is therefore used for sliding parts (mechanical seals, etc.).
In addition, it has a high Young's modulus and a small coefficient of thermal expansion, and is therefore used for high-precision components (optoelectronics, substrates, aerospace technology, etc.).



Since it is a dense sintered body, it can be mirror-finished. High temperature resistance over 1400 ° C, thermal shock resistance, excellent chemical stability. As SiC hand, SiC sheath, sheet products and thick-walled products. Silicon carbide is selected as a thermomechanical high temperature component due to its high temperature characteristics such as high temperature oxidation resistance, high temperature strength, low creep, good thermal conductivity and low density.

Main feature:
More excellent wear resistance
More excellent corrosion resistance
Excellent oxidation resistance
High thermal conductivity and good heat transfer
Strength does not change under high temperature

Application field:
Wear-resistant parts of the Pulverizer
Ceramic bearing, heat exchanger
Chemical pump parts, various nozzles
High temperature cutting tool, refractory board
Mechanical wear-resistant member
Steel reduction material, lightning arrester
Other semiconductor manufacturing spare parts

The company's product line includes: square enamel, roller bar, burner fire nozzle cover, radiant tube flame guide, desulfurization nozzle, thermocouple protection tube, cold air tube, shed plate, saggar, crucible, sand blasting nozzle, bushing, Seals and various high temperature resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant silicon carbide shaped parts, etc., widely used in ceramic high temperature furnaces, large power plants, large boilers and power plants desulfurization and dedusting equipment, new materials and Military industrial equipment, industry and field related machinery , automotive, metallurgy, electronics, chemicals, steel, ceramics, paper, mineral processing, nuclear industry, national defense, etc.


Post time: Oct-14-2019