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Milling Services in Machinery Parts Machining

For precision machining and milling services of small-sized parts, our machinery manufacturing company utilizes the cutting-edge metal milling equipments that can create almost any shape, whose dimension is 0.010" (0.25 mm) and the part length is 16'' (406.4 mm) with the cube dimension to be 8'' (203.2 mm). It can realize 4-axis milling. With our expert knowledge, technical know-how and equipments for machinery parts machining, we are able to adopt the most complex geometric figures envisaged by the designers and turn your vision into reality.

I. Milling services in machinery parts machining

As far as precision milling technology in the machinery parts machining, customers turn to the milling services provided by our machinery manufacturing company to meet their various needs from drilling and stamping to the manufacture of round or square parts, then to surface treatment and more complex three-dimensional machining. Take our electrical discharge machining (EDM) for example, the metal milling provided by us can even process 0.010 inch (0.25 mm) slots. We have experience in cooperating with all the best first-class end mill manufacturers. According to the parameters and performance of their tools, our machining fabrication can achieve the best aspect ratio.

Our metal milling capabilities are able to effectively remove material to produce small-sized parts which are precise both in size and shape which usually refer to the highly refined parts. For complex parts and components, the milling equipment provided by our machinery manufacturing company is capable of creating the shape of key hole, notches, grooves, groove ends, fillets and other configurations.

Expertise and experience in different speeds of programming and feedrates allow us to customize the process in accordance with your specifications. Our CNC milling equipment runs on multiple axes to accommodate more than one type of cutting operations while minimizing setting time. In addition to the work plane, the milling machine can also be adopted to produce a certain irregular surface or a complex three-dimensional shape.

II. Milling services enjoy great flexibility in satisfying the needs of customers

We provide great flexibility in meeting customers' needs. Customers from a wide range of industries turn to metal cutting that requires metal milling services. Machined parts can be used in a range of products, from containers for automated inspection and other in-place fixtures to thin or thick microfluidic separation plates. Parts are regularly produced in small batches for the design of prototype or custom component.

In addition, due to the excellence of close tolerances and surface smooth finish that we can provide, it is common for the customers come to us to add or refine the basic shapes of parts and thus we have formed different manufacturing processes.

Our expertise in milling and milling services allows us to choose instruments that are fit for the materials and dimensions customers want, which further allows us to produce parts in the precise shapes and dimensions required while maintaining the integrity of the milling machine and cutters. Moreover, we have the ability to conduct hard metal milling (or high-speed machining, "HSM") by involving hardened steel, titanium and cobalt alloys in the work. The said ability is growing in demand for components in aerospace and other industries.

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