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Maintenance Management of CNC Machining Equipment

Each type of CNC material processing plant equipment should have its own characteristics. Therefore, a reasonable and standardized quality management system should be formulated for different types of CNC material processing plant equipment in various processing enterprises, which can effectively improve the service life of processing equipment.

If the maintenance is divided into regular daily maintenance and daily maintenance, then it is necessary to pay attention to the management of daily cleaning, the appropriate amount of lubricating oil and the daily inspection of the special use of electrical equipment.

It is necessary to establish a corresponding management system for operators who operate various CNC machine tool processing machinery and equipment, because most of the problems of CNC processing equipment may be caused by the wrong operation of enterprise operators.

Therefore, the operators of the enterprise need to establish a strict professional operation management system to improve their professional and technical literacy of operation. At the same time, they also need to establish a set of operation management system to train excellent operation technicians and help improve the professional and technical level of operation. When arranging the preparation tasks for product processing, strictly formulate the production process, operation management process, quality management control, etc.

1. Daily maintenance management of CNC processing equipment

The maintenance of CNC machine tools in CNC machining requires daily regular maintenance management, rather than maintenance for a long time or at least once a year. The most familiar sentence of enterprise staff may be: "Buying is better than repairing, maintenance is better than repairing, but daily maintenance should be done well". The daily electrical maintenance and management work must be done well to improve the effective and normal service life of CNC machines and equipment.

For the daily maintenance and management work, it is necessary for the staff of the enterprise to carry out daily scientific management in order to ensure the orderly progress of the daily maintenance and management of CNC machining equipment. For example, in combination with various factors such as the working environment of equipment production, to carry out the inspection and analysis of the daily working status of the equipment, cleaning and maintenance and other work arrangements, the enterprise management personnel should also clearly stipulate the specific procedures for the daily maintenance and management of the equipment.

Due to the frequent maintenance of CNC machining numerical control machines and equipment, professional technicians can directly be responsible for operation management, and professional technicians of maintenance equipment have a better understanding of the corresponding equipment.

However, special arrangements for individual inspections may also be required. It is also important that the technicians corresponding to the operating points perform routine maintenance in full accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, and the maintenance conditions need to fully meet the requirements.

2. Maintenance and maintenance management of CNC processing equipment

The maintenance and repair of CNC finishing machine tool processing machinery and equipment is the maintenance management before routine maintenance. It is a relatively short period of time and a long interval of maintenance and repair management. It can be analyzed at any time in combination with the common faults of mechanical equipment and the corresponding use parts, focusing on after-sales. repair. The performance problems of different types of equipment are different, and the maintenance operation methods of different maintenance equipment are also different.

Therefore, enterprise staff should classify according to the processing operation methods of CNC machines and equipment used, and establish corresponding equipment maintenance operation procedures for different types of equipment, so that CNC machining equipment maintenance operators can establish maintenance processes and operation records according to industry standards, so that equipment maintenance personnel can maintain equipment and manage the maintenance process more standardized in the maintenance process.

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