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Sheet Metal Spinning

Spinning in sheet metal belongs to the processing of local continuity, the instantaneous deformation zone is small, and the total deformation force is small. Some parts with complex shapes or materials that are difficult to deform are difficult or even impossible to process with traditional techniques. They can be processed by spinning, such as pulleys, lamp accessories. 

As one of the most professional metal spinning companies, ETCN cnc machining services supplier provides our clients with cnc metal spinning services, to make spinning in metal forming including brass spinning, aluminium spinning, copper spinning, and stainless steel spinning, etc. Custom metal spinnings are also available.

Advantage of Metal Spinning

1. The tolerance of CNC metal spinning processing is very small and can reach about IT8, the surface roughness is less than 3.2, and the strength and hardness are significantly improved.

2. The spinning processing material utilization rate is high, and the mold cost is less than one-fifth of the stamping mold. The economy of spinning molding is related to the production batch, workpiece structure, equipment, and labor costs. Most processing uses spinning processing and stamping processing, shearing processing, ultrasonic cleaning, electroplating processing, and other processes that are used in supporting applications to obtain the best economic benefits.

3. ETCN provides custom metal fabrication services, and various machinable materials like iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper plate are available.

4. The shape that can be spinning can only be a rotating body, mainly barrel-shaped, conical-shaped, curved generatrix, and combined during spinning sheet metal forming.

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