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Extrusion Molding

The products are processed by injection molding extruder, with a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy. Products of different sizes, colors, and types can be customized according to customer requirements. 

As a professional extrusion and injection molding company, ETCN provides our clients with plastic molding services of infection and extrusion stretch blow moulding services which includes two different types: intermittent extrusion blow molding and continuous extrusion blow molding.

Extrusion Molding Capabilities

Extrusion molding is mainly referred to as the extrusion of a screw or plunger to force a polymer material that is heated and melted under pressure to force it through the die to form a constant A method of forming continuous cross-section profiles. The extrusion molding process mainly includes the processes of feeding, melting and plasticizing, extrusion molding, shaping, and cooling.

Advantage of Extrusion Molding

Customized Extrusion Molding Parts
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