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CNC Turning

The parts processed by precision CNC lathe have the characteristics of good stability and high precision. The added powerhead can complete the machining of parts synchronously by turning and milling, which is suitable for mass production.

Advantage of CNC Turning

●High processing precision and stable processing quality with our CNC milling turning;

●The multi-coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed;

●When machining parts change, generally only need to change the numerical control program, which can save production preparation time;

●The machine tool of precision CNC turning itself has high precision and high rigidity, can choose a favorable processing amount and has high productivity (generally 3~5 times of ordinary machine tools);

●The precision turning machine tool has a high degree of automation, which can reduce labor intensity.

CNC Turning FAQs

  • The Drive Phase Light Is Normal, But The Size Of The Processed Workpiece Is Sometimes Large And Sometimes Small

    The drive phase light is normal, but the size of the processed workpiece is sometimes large and sometimes small.

  • The Machining Arc Effect Is Not Ideal, And The Size Is Not In Place

    Find out the resonant parts, change their frequency to avoid resonance; consider the processing technology of the workpiece material, and make a reasonable program; for the stepper motor, the processing rate F cannot be set too large; whether the machine tool is installed firmly, placed smoothly, and whether the carriage is worn after the back is too tight, the gap is increased or the tool holder is loose, etc.; replace the timing belt.

  • The Size Of The Workpiece Is Accurate, And The Surface Finish Is Poor

    If the tool is worn or damaged and is not sharp, then re-sharpening or selecting a better tool to re-calibrate the tool; the machine has resonance or is not stable, adjust the level, lay the foundation, and fix it smoothly; the cause of mechanical crawling is the wear of the carriage guide rail Seriously, the screwballs are worn or loose. The machine tool should be maintained. Clean the iron wire after going to work and add lubricating oil in time to reduce friction. Choose coolant suitable for workpiece processing. If it can meet the processing requirements of other processes, Try to choose a higher spindle speed.

  • The Phenomenon Of Taper And Small Head On The Workpiece

    Use a level gauge to adjust the level of the machine tool, lay a solid foundation, fix the machine tool to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool being forced to give it to the knife; adjust the tailstock.

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