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Key Technology of CNC Machining Services

With the continuous development of society, various industries are constantly innovating and developing. The manufacturing industry has a strong momentum of development and has become an important part of the economy. The development of the manufacturing industry is inseparable from CNC machining technology.

At this stage, CNC machining is the most commonly used method in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, CNC machining technology has further promoted and promoted the development of the manufacturing industry. With the changes of the times, the development of science and technology, the use of advanced power information technology to serve CNC machining technology has become an irreversible trend. It can be said that this is the choice of the times.

China has already entered the computer age. It can be said that computer technology has been applied to varying degrees in all areas of social development. Under this technology, other technologies have also been derived, including CNC machining technology. The application of this technology And development has an important meaning and effect on the processing and manufacturing industry.

However, there is little research on the key technology of its CNC machining services in the industry, which makes it unable to fully play its role. In view of this, we base ourselves on the analysis and exploration of key technologies during our work, which is of practical significance to the development of technology.

Ⅰ. Cloud service platform of CNC machining services

1. The operating mechanism of the platform

The requirements put forward by users for cloud services are platform applications and the basis for platform operations. Therefore, the first thing to do is to integrate all user needs, and secondly, to decompose and analyze each demand. According to the actual situation of the demand, it is reasonable to allocate resources to solve each problem. Then measures are evaluated, and finally, a solution that can meet the needs of users is selected.

2. The functional structure of the platform

Generally, the platform can be divided into three levels.

The first is the application management layer, which is mainly responsible for the management of the system, users, and data content of the CNC machining service cloud service. This level is flexible and can not only operate independently, but also in the entire industry.

The second is the basic data layer, whose role is to integrate scattered data, including processing technology, and compatibility, etc. The work in charge is very cumbersome.

The third is the integration layer, which consists of two, one is a data-related platform, and the other is a tool required for integrated CNC machining services, which mainly serves as a bridge.

3. The application method of the platform

Its application method is not fixed and can be selected according to the needs of the main body of demand. At present, the CNC machining services that the platform can provide include the following three: the first is to provide manufacturing capabilities; the second is to contract tasks, and the third is lease resources.

The production of the above three types of services is based on technological development, as well as the formation and change of demand for CNC machining services. The role of the cloud platform is mainly to supervise and monitor. Party A provides resources and Party B is responsible for the actual operation to complete the task. This model will continue to be used for a period of time in the future and cannot be changed in a short period of time. The existence of the platform can provide great convenience for both resource leasing and resource demand.

Ⅱ. CNC machining service cloud service

1. Basic principles of CNC machining cloud service

First, looking at data processing from the perspective of application technology, CNC machining is a technology that relies on CNC machine tools to process special parts. Both the owner and the user can remotely control it without worrying about whether it will Unexpected situations, accidents, and due to this situation, data processing inevitably produce many problems in the actual operation process.

Second, if you want to promote the normal and smooth operation of CNC machining services, you need a very special mechanism. Specifically, you need to introduce multiple resources and processing capabilities into the cloud manufacturing system to give play to the communication bridge of cloud services so as to realize the communication between the owner and the user.

Third, the CNC machining service cloud service is essentially a platform. It is a platform that meets the needs of cloud operators, resource owners, and resource users. In the platform, the resource owners provide services for users of resources. At the same time, users purchase the resources and services they need on the platform, while cloud operators make profits through the platform and achieve a win-win situation for the three parties through the platform.

2. The key issues of CNC machining cloud service

First, the most important thing is the quality of cloud service, and the first step to ensure quality is to integrate materials, master the data of all CNC machine tools in detail, the cloud service platform, and record different types in real time. The parameters and key functions of the machine tool in the normal operation process, so as to provide users with more high-quality CNC machining services.

Second, any machine tool has a certain period of normal use, that is, life. At the same time, after each use, the parameters generated will also be different. Therefore, the data of the machine tool must be updated. If the machine tool is damaged, it must be maintained, if the maintenance cannot be carried out normally, it should be discarded to ensure that the user is not affected enough.

Third, software performance, the quality of staff, and equipment compatibility will affect the ability of data processing. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control various detailed tasks.

In summary, under the impetus of economic development, science and technology are also constantly progressing. Various platforms based on computers are widely used in social production. CNC machining services have also emerged as the times require. Research on CNC technician technology is of practical significance.

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