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Influence of Temperature on Precision Parts in CNC Machining

1. The influence of high temperature on CNC precision machining

Under the effects of collision heat of various heat sources, cutting heat, ambient temperature, thermal radiation, etc., machine tools, tools, and processed workpieces will be thermally deformed. This will affect the relative displacement between the workpiece and the tool, forming a machining deviation, and affecting the machining accuracy of the CNC machined parts.

The linear expansion coefficient of the steel material is 0.000012/℃, and the steel material with a length of 100mm stretches 1.2μm when the temperature rises by 1℃. In addition to directly affecting the expansion and contraction of the workpiece, temperature changes also affect the accuracy of machine tools.

2. The temperature limit in CNC precision machining

There are higher requirements for workpiece CNC machining accuracy and accuracy stability. According to statistics from related materials, in CNC precision machining, due to thermal deformation, machining deviation accounts for 40%-70% of the total machining deviation.

Therefore, in high-precision CNC machining and manufacturing, in order to prevent the workpiece from expanding due to temperature changes, the reference temperature of the regulatory environment is usually strictly regulated. People have formulated the deviation limit of temperature change, and the constant temperature processing of 20℃±0.1℃ and 20±0.01℃ appears.

Under normal circumstances, in order to prevent CNC processing workpieces from expanding due to temperature changes during processing and measurement, the indoor reference temperature is usually strictly regulated, and the deviation limits for temperature changes are established. However, the requirements for the relative humidity of the air do not have the accuracy requirements for textile testing. The above is our analysis of the influence of temperature on precision parts in CNC machining. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.

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