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How to Prevent Uneven Processing of Metal Stamping Parts?

Firstly, the use of ball screw instead of ordinary screw, liquid friction instead of boundary dry friction, and the use of dedicated lubricating oil can improve the friction performance of the machine tool transmission system, increase the sensitivity of the feeding system, and reduce the vibration phenomenon of the hardware stamping parts. Improving the overall rigidity can effectively reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon. Shortening the length of the tool extending from the tool holder, thickening the tool handle, and increasing the rigidity of the tool holder.

Secondly, using appropriate cutting tools and stamping materials and selecting suitable cutting tools according to the hardware stamping materials can reduce the dynamic and static friction coefficient between the tool and the workpiece. Adding cutting fluid with better performance can also better improve the friction characteristics of the cutting tools and precision components.

Thirdly, increasing system damping. In order to increase system damping, materials with higher internal damping can be used as supports, and high damping materials can be added to parts to reduce the vibration during the processing of hardware stamping parts.

Fourthly, reducing the length-to-diameter ratio of hardware stamping parts, using intermediate supports such as center frames to improve the rigidity of the workpiece, appropriately increasing the diameter of the transmission screw in the feeding mechanism, shortening the length of the screw, improving the transmission rigidity of the feeding mechanism, eliminating the gap between the transmission parts in the feeding mechanism, improving the transmission performance of the feeding mechanism, and improving the rigidity of the machine tool transmission system.

Fifthly, reducing cutting load. By reducing the backfeed and weight of the transmission parts, the cutting load can be reduced and the vibration of the hardware stamping parts can be improved.

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