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High-precision Parts Machining Wins the Hearts of both New and Regular Customers

Many customers coming to us to consult high-precision parts custom machining will ask the same question after signing the contract:why is it that when I inquired about the machining service of ETCN Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. on the Internet, the screen was full of  information about ETCN, and many customers' comments were overwhelmingly supported. For new customers, it is normal to see incredible things about our factory.

I. Our machining services develop from the long-term support of regular customers

Without the regular orders from our established customers, our boss will not start the entrepreneurial journey of custom machining of high-precision parts. Over the years, a large number of regular customers have been cooperating with us and we have established good reputation. We will select some new customers to handle cases of our regular customers in the same city. By sharing, we can quickly gain the trust of new customers. And the prerequisite will always be controlling the quality of precision parts machining instead of destroying the signal.

II. Reputation of machining services is of great importantance

Customers who find us on the Internet can easily view the recommendation information of our regular customers. In the field of mechanical machining, word-of-mouth communication is very important because sometimes it is indeed possible to get twice the result with half the effort. If our machining service involves a certain customer, they will inform each other on certain parts machining platforms. There has always been such a virtuous circle, and that is why we can get this far today.

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