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Fitter Function and Welding Analysis of CNC Machining

Many people will ask the question about why do we still need a fitter when the CNC machining has very high precision, here we will learn it together.

The original fitter function has been stripped substantially when the CNC machining precision has been improved greatly.

Ⅰ. Fitter function of CNC machining

1. It needs to use the fitter's bedding-in to achieve assembly accuracy when the precision of the CNC machining tool is insufficient. Due to the precision of CNC machining equipment for this function has been improved, this part of the fitter has become less and less functional. Especially the precision CNC machining suppliers in Europe, American, and other developed countries, rarely hire workers to do this part of the work.

2. Mold assembly needs to be done by the fitter, which is irreplaceable.

3. It also needs to be done by fitter to modify, adjust, tear open outfits, etc.

In the broad sense, the fitters need to have outstanding manual work, and they can make all kinds of machining parts by manual bedding-in, to meet the assembly requirements of machinery and equipment. Since the precision of CNC machining services has been improved, this kind of function for fitters has become increasingly weakened. Currently, most of the fitters are assemblers.

We believe that the progress of the technology will eliminate many manual works, but it will never fully replace the laborer.

Ⅱ. Precision CNC machining welding

Welding is a manufacturing process and technology that combines metal or other thermoplastic materials such as plastic by heating, high temperature, or high pressure. Through the following three ways, welding will achieve the purpose of the joint:

1. Fusion welding -- Heat the workpiece which needs to be joint, make it partial melting to form a molten pool, the molten pool will be joint after cooling and solidification, melt filers can be added when it’s necessary, it is suitable for all kinds of metal and alloy welding process without any pressure.

2. Pressure welding -- The pressure should be applied to weldment during the welding process, and it is a variety of metal materials and partial metal materials process.

3. Brazing -- Making solder with the melting point is lower than the base metal material, using liquid solder to wet base metal, filing joint clearance, to achieve the connecting of weldment with base metal interdiffusion. It is suitable for the welding process of various materials, also suitable for the welding process of different metal or heterogeneous materials.

There are various energy resources of precision CNC machining modern welding, including a gas flame, arc, laser, electron beam, friction, and ultrasound, etc. In addition to being used in the factory, welding can also be used in a variety of environments, such as in the field, underwater, and space. Welding can bring danger to the operator anywhere, therefore you should take appropriate protective measures during welding. Welding may cause damage to the human body, including burns, electric shock, visual impairment, inhalation of toxic gases, ultraviolet over irradiation, etc.

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