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Elevator Solutions With CNC Machining

We supply armature components, Brake ARM Brake Assembly, spindles, Encoder parts for elevator traction machines which is the power equipment of the elevator, also known as the elevator main engine. The function is to transport and transmit power to operate the elevator. It consists of an electric motor, a brake, a coupling, a reduction gearbox, a traction sheave, a frame and a guide wheel, and an auxiliary wheel handwheel.

We have been a spare parts supplier for ThyssenKrupp Elevator for 10 years, during which we have met all customer needs. Products include turning gears, power shafts, brake arms, etc. From new product development, sample production, to finished product mass production logistics and distribution, we have always insisted on providing services that satisfy customers.

Turning device1

Turning device1 1

Turning device1 2

Turning device1 3

Our customers come from Europe, America, Japan, etc., which makes us more and more professional. We focus on the R&D, production and sales of elevator accessories, and serve mid- to high-end equipment manufacturers. We can provide customers with professional small batch custom machining and mass production services, and provide customers with satisfactory solutions.

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