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Electric and Electronic With CNC Machining

ETCN can supply different parts for electric and electronic appliances. Our company has long-term cooperation with electrical and electronic equipment companies in European and American countries, including medical, communications, and industrial electronic equipment. 

We are good at using CNC equipment to process products of various types and materials. The product development department can design and produce the non-standard products you need according to customer requirements. Focus on technological development, give full play to its own advantages, and continuously provide customers with high-quality products with strict quality requirements and accurate and fast delivery cycles. 

Coupled with an efficient after-sales service team, ETCN is dedicated to solving various problems for customers.

Electric and Electronic

Export-type 5G electronic base, the raw material is tungsten copper, which is milled and formed by a CNC machining center with an accuracy of 0.05mm. The surface is laser marked with a two-dimensional code, and the PIN is installed hydraulically.

Electric and Electronic 1

Medical thin-walled ring, used in gastroscope probe. Material 303 stainless steel, wall thickness 0.1mm, cylindricity 0.05mm, tolerance ±0.02mm, surface passivation cleaning.

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