By Robert Denoon Cumming

ISBN-10: 0226123677

ISBN-13: 9780226123677

"Philosophy as . . . a rigorous technological know-how . . . the dream is over," Edward Husserl as soon as declared. Heidegger (Husserl's successor), Derrida, and Rorty have propounded types of "the finish of philosophy." Cumming argues that what may count number as philosophy's coming to an finish can purely be decided with a few cognizance to disruptions that have formerly punctuated the heritage of philosophy. He arrives at different types for reading what's at factor in such disruptions via interpreting Heidegger's and Husserl's holiday with one another, Heidegger's holiday with Sartre, and Merleau-Ponty's holiday with Sartre.

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G. , assent to a past-tensed proposition. Since he rejected tensed propositions, it is not clear how pastness gets attached to the tenseless contentwhy not assent to a B-sentence or proposition? H 28 CHAPTER 2 been beheaded, I have the experience of 'emotion recollected in tranquility', and my belief has become one of memory. It is obvious that my bodily and mental state is different on these four occasions, though what I am believing is the same throughout, in the sense that it can be indicated in the same words, viz.

On the contrary, the date-sentences state clearly the truths which ordinary language sentences ambiguously and misleadingly express. Now, of course, if someone were to say that his project has no necessity of tensed sentences and that he therefore omits tense from his paraphrases as one of his "don't cares" without making a synonymy claim, then the A-theorist will simply say that such a one is entitled to his project, but that such a project is simply irrelevant to the A-theorist's claim that tense is ineliminable and irreducible for purposes of normal human thought and action.

But it is evident that sentences conceived by the theory to have the same propositional content are often divergent in meaning. In particular, tensed sentences and their purported tenseless translations do not mean the same thing. Hence, one must either give up the view the sentences in question express the same propositional content-in which case they differ also in meaning, contrary to the translation thesis of the Old B-Theory-or else one must abandon the thesis that propositional content individuates linguistic meanings-which is equally fatal to the Old B-Theory's claim that date-sentences are synonymous with tensed sentences, since sentences expressing the same proposition could then differ in meaning.

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