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This is the case in a circuit where a capacitor lies in series with the signal path, for instance, or an inductor is paralleled with the response signal. The other case in which a null can be physically obtained is with a highly underdamped notch filter. As the transfer function numerator quality factor increases, the zero-pair approaches the imaginary axis and zeros become pure imaginary conjugates. When you excite this filter at a frequency fz where both zeros are located, you truly observe a null in the output.

30 The output voltage is simply the current source times impedance Z1. We now see two time constants, one is in the numerator while the second lies in the denominator. 45) and where Req ˆ R1 R2 ‡ r L …R1 ‡ R2 † . 31 In dc conditions, the inductor is a short circuit: you replace it by a strap. 40), let’s see if we can already apply what we learned in the Thévenin example. First, the easiest thing, set s to 0 and solve the dc transfer function H0. If a capacitor is an open circuit at dc, an inductor becomes a short circuit.

63) This voltage, Vth, is the Thévenin voltage and Rth the Thévenin output resistance we want. 37 If you load a circuit with a resistance R equal to the output resistance Rth of that circuit, the output voltage is divided by 2. 64) In this expression, the input voltage Vin does not play a role and disappears from both sides. 65) A Dynamic Output Resistance A second method consists of calculating the output voltage in relationship to a current injected by the generator Iout, V out ˆ f …I out †. 4.

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