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23 Chapter 1 Figure 1-7 5. To reconnect to the server, try your new password: C:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysql -h localhost -u root -p You will be prompted for your password; in this case, we entered “mysqlpass,” but you should enter whatever you chose for your root password; you should then see the prompt shown in Figure 1-8. cnf file, which can be opened with any text editor, such as Notepad, is the main file that MySQL uses to read configuration options you have set up in your installation. You may alter this file at any time to tweak your configuration down the road.

You should simply pick one and stick with it throughout your program. ❑ Frequent comments: The more you use comments throughout your code, the better off you will be. While it’s not so important in smaller, simpler programs, when your programs become more and more complex, it will be hard for you to remember what you did, where you did it, and why you did it the way you did. ❑ The use of line numbers: Some text editors insert line numbers for you, but others do not. We discuss text editors later in this chapter, but you should know that it is important to denote line numbers somehow in your code, if they are not provided for you, because PHP lets you know when your program generates errors, and it notifies you of the line number in which the error occurs.

Figure 1-1 Installation Configuration of PHP Once PHP has been installed on your computer, you can customize it to fit your needs. Although some of the configuration settings deal with how the information is shown through the browser, a great many of the settings relate to how the server handles errors and how those errors are displayed to you and your users. You will also be able to have some control over how PHP interacts with MySQL. 17 Chapter 1 Testing Your Installation To ensure that both PHP and Apache have been installed together, write another test program.

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