By Alan Butler, Christopher Knight

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The recommendation that the Giza pyramids have been laid out to symbolize the celebrities of Orion's belt, with the location of the River Nile reflecting the Milky method, used to be first recommend by means of the well known writer Robert Bauval in his bestselling e-book The Orion secret. In ahead of the Pyramids Knight and Butler display that the British henges have been prepared within the related formation - yet a lot prior. in addition they current irrefutable facts that the astronomical calculations opting for the structure of the pyramids might in simple terms were made of the positioning of the henges in North Yorkshire. From this they could finish that the pyramids of the pharaohs have been conceived and deliberate in Britain! Their subsequent gorgeous discovery takes us to fashionable instances. they've got came upon facts that the full Megalithic measuring approach has survived into the twentieth century. There are examples in Washington, DC - even within the positioning and building of the Pentagon, which used to be merely started in 1942 and is a precise reproduction of the scale of Stonehenge, courting to 3,000 BC.

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It is a site that has been excavated by the Austrian archaeologist Manfred Bietak and his team since 1966. The city had also previously been known as Avaris, capital city of the Hyksos, the hated ­invaders of Egypt who ruled much of the country from ca. 1720 to 1550 BC. Avaris was transformed into Peru-­nefer, a valued Egyptian metropolis, after its capture by Thutmose’s ancestor the Egyptian pharaoh ­Kamose around the year 1550 BC. In uncovering a formerly wealthy city now buried under meters of sand and debris, Bietak brought both the Hyksos capital city and the later Egyptian metropolis back to life over the course of four decades.

The site has yielded thousands of clay tablets during excavations conducted since 1906 by German archaeologists such as Hugo Winckler, Kurt Bittel, Peter Neve, and Jürgen Seeher. Included among these tablets are letters and documents from what must have been the official state archives, as well as poems, stories, histories, religious rituals, and all kinds of other written documents. Together they allow us to piece together not only the history of the Hittite Of Arms and the Man • • • 35 rulers and their interactions with other peoples and kingdoms, but also that of the ordinary people, including their daily life and society, belief systems, and law codes—­one of which contains the rather intriguing ruling “If anyone bites off the nose of a free person, he shall pay 40 ­shekels of silver”55 (one wonders just how frequently that happened).

22 However, it was a Pyrrhic victory. Although Egypt under Ramses III was the only major power to successfully resist the onslaught of the Sea Peoples, New Kingdom Egypt was never the same again afterward, most likely because of the other problems faced by the entire Mediterranean region during this period, as we shall see below. The succeeding pharaohs, for the rest of the second millennium BC, were content to rule over a country much diminished in influence and power. Egypt became a second-­rate empire; a mere shadow of what it had once been.

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