By Atul Gupta; Sudhanshu Hate; Andrew Siemer

ISBN-10: 1849690839

ISBN-13: 9781849690836

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This could be used to make room for newer entries once the cache starts to fill up or simply to remove an item that is no longer needed by the application. Look up the associated code with this chapter for implementation details of this class. [ 40 ] Chapter 2 Session The session object is another item that is frequently used in most web applications. That being said, it is also something that we can squeeze performance out of down the road. Even if performance wasn't an issue, the session object by itself does not really conform to the most basic of OOP principles.

It would be nice if we could work with it using methods. It would be even better if we could hide some logic in those methods if need be. Our initial implementation is very easy. Redirect(path); } } } [ 43 ] An Enterprise Approach to our Community Framework This class, like the others, uses MEF so that it can be stubbed out for testing later. Currently there are two methods—one an example, and another handling redirection. Let's look at the Redirect() method. It takes a path parameter and then uses the HttpContext object to redirect the user to the appropriate location.

We know that repositories are all about providing a way for our domain logic to access resources in the outside world. We know that they can be used for web services, XML files, and just about anything else. In our case, we will discuss how to access data in a database using the EF. We haven't really touched upon anything related to the Fisharoo application so far, which means that we don't really have anything in the database for us to play with just yet. For that reason, we created a simple Person table for us to work with.

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ASP.NET 4 social networking : a truly hands-on book for Microsoft ASP.NET 4 developers by Atul Gupta; Sudhanshu Hate; Andrew Siemer

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