By Lara-Vinca Masini

ISBN-10: 0517641755

ISBN-13: 9780517641750

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Drucker traces social and cultural transformation as an idea at the basis of a wide range of “prophetic announcements” about technology, art, and media from the 1960s and 1970s. There was also fascination, she notes, with “transformations produced by the movement of information through a system of interconnected electronic and computational devices” (42). Further, the transformative power for art itself was enacted for many through new, interactive relations with their audiences. In an important sense, as Drucker suggests, the concern with interactivity, as a new technological and communication strategy, was more broadly framed by the different understandings and practices in relation to social re- Part I 30 lationships.

The remaining chapters contribute to this contextualizing, but with focuses on one or more specific projects, artists, or activities. In all cases, however, the approach in this part of the book is from the point of view of a cultural critic or historian rather than an involved artist (though some of the authors are artists and have been involved in some of the projects). The authors draw out and foreground the issues as they see them and develop their own critical arguments about those issues. The chapters in part II approach their subjects more intimately, written as they are by or with people who were involved in the projects discussed.

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