By Gabriele Fahr-Becker

ISBN-10: 0812021053

ISBN-13: 9780812021059

E-book by way of Fahr-Becker, Gabriele, Sterner, Gabriele

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Admittedly, the execution of my ideas forces me to come to grips with the thousands of and practical considerations of material life. I could, of course, content myself with announcing a principle, describing the themes that would naturally arise from it, and explaining the esthetics on which the principle is based. In this way, I could easily design a building that would gain a measure of recognition and provide me with sufficient income on which to raise a family in comfort. However, an overpowering will forces me to transform into concrete reality every single principle that I have sent out into the world, in other words, to bear the entire weight of my ideas and not merely the lighter half of the details burden.

If artists who lived through they wanted to realize their ideas, they had to devote themselves to enterprises that really contradicted their ideals. ) The predominant activity in which creative ideas could be expressed was the building of villas for rich businessmen with artistic sympathies. What Morris had decades earlier called "the swinish luxury of the rich" remained now as before the nourishing basis for artistic creativity. However, one should also remember that after the fireworks of the years immediately preceding 1900, attempts were made to invest its artists their styles, since there artistic capital in social enterprises.

The expressive style of this school was based upon a particular relationship with nature, from which forms and motifs were borrowed and employed without any stylization. Plantlike decorations spread out over the work (fig. 7) which appears quite literally be engulfed by the vegetable kingdom. Other important elements, such as a preference for asymmetrical forms as well as a vue d 'ensemble, recall the art of the European, rococo period. Symbolic tendencies were expressed by means of inscriptions entire surface of a typical , to chosen by the artists of the Nancy school.

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