By Christopher Wood

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This can be the single revision source dedicated to anatomy at MRCS point with over 2 hundred questions grouped by way of anatomical area, each one with 5 true/false components.

Anatomy Questions for the MRCS is available in a transportable, common paperback layout with solution sections in actual fact marked to aid make certain vulnerable components of information and toughen studying.

Written by means of authors with first-hand event of the present MRCS exam structure and with skilled senior consultant, this hugely unique textual content is a must have for all MRCS applicants and a useful gizmo for scientific scholars getting ready for surgical examinations

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C. Closure of the aortic valve is best heard in the left 2nd intercostal space. ٗ d. The chorda tendinae tether the atrioventricular valves to pectinate muscle directly. ٗ e. The chorda tendinae prevent eversion of the atrioventricular valves. 20 Which statement about the right coronary artery is incorrect? ٗ a. Supplies the atrioventricular node in 90% of cases. ٗ b. Usually gives off the posterior interventricular artery. ٗ c. Contributes to the posterior interventricular artery in a co-dominant circulation.

Popliteus arises below the soleal line. ٗ d. The common fibular nerve is subcutaneous at the neck of the fibula. ٗ e. The fibularis muscles arise from the anterior surface of the fibula. 3 Which statement about the arches of the foot is not correct? ٗ a. The medial arch contains the medial cuneiform as one of its bony elements. ٗ b. The lateral arch contains the lateral two metatarsals as bony elements. ٗ c. Flexor hallucis longus is important in maintaining the stability of the lateral arch. ٗ d.

The artery to the head of the femur enters with the ligamentum teres. ٗ d. The hip joint is supplied by retinacular branches. ٗ e. Avascular necrosis is common in fractures of the femoral neck. 21 Which statement best describes the common femoral artery? ٗ a. Commences at the midpoint of the inguinal ligament. ٗ b. Gives the profunda femoris branch within the femoral sheath. ٗ c. Lies between the saphenous nerve and femoral vein at all levels of the thigh. ٗ d. Lies over pectineus as it passes under the inguinal ligament.

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