By Thierry Meynard

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Shows how the techniques of vectorization and layout mask can be utilized to aid the fashion designer in evaluating diversified designs and making the best offerings. The ebook addresses sequence and parallel multicell conversion at once, and the strategies should be generalized to explain different topologies.

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6. Equalizing multisampler with chopping and saturated reference. 7. In this block, duty is a 44 Analysis and Design of Multicell DC/DC Converters using Vectorized Models one-dimensional (1D) input and a first vectorization is made by the sampling block on the far left; it is defined as a standard block but the clock provided by the top pulse generator is vectorized by defining its phase as a vector, and by inheritance, this makes the sampling vectorized as well. The averaging block takes the dimension back to 1 and the second sampling block restores the dimension to nCell.

13. Example of short-circuit handling without any current imbalance. 3. Frequency response of the equalizing sampler and modulator The equalizing multisampling block will be part of the most studied circuits and it has a major influence on the overall open-loop transfer function. Therefore, it is important to characterize the transfer function of these blocks to allow appropriate design of the regulators. 14. 14. Transfer function of the equalizing multi-sampler for different parameters (fsw = 1 kHz).

2. Basic blocks 1) In the following circuit, how much current shall we visualize in the scope? Concept of Vectorization in PLECS 35 2) If the parameters of the star connection blocks and the value of the resistor are changed as shown here, what current shall we get in the scope. 3) In the initialization mask (Ctrl+E, initialization) we define nP = 3 and modify the parameters of the star connection blocks and the resistance as follows. What currents do we get in the scope? – The current in the scope is now blue instead of green, right-click on the waveform and select “spread signals”.

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