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Facts Converter Histories
Fundamentals of Sampled information Systems
Data Converter structure, approach expertise, trying out, Interfacing, aid Circuits, functions, layout innovations

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32. 32: Summary: Monolithic DACs of the 1970s Monolithic ADCs of the 1970s Although most of the ADCs of the early 1970s were modular or hybrid, there was considerable effort by data converter manufacturers to produce an all-monolithic ADC. An early attempt was the AD7570 10-bit, 20-µs CMOS SAR ADC introduced in 1975. However, due to the difficulty of designing good comparators, amplifiers, and references on the early CMOS process, the AD7570 required an external LM311 comparator as well as a voltage reference.

D. Smith: 1953) First commercial vacuum tube SAR ADC, 11-bits, 50kSPS (Bernard M. 27: Sigma-Delta ADC Architecture Timeline By the end of the 1960s, the key architectures and building blocks were available to allow for modular and ultimately hybrid converters, and significant work was already underway to produce the first monolithic converters which were to appear in the early 1970s. 2 DATA CONVERTERS OF THE 1950s AND 1960s 1. G. Bowers, "Analog to Digital Converters," Control Engineering, April 1957, pp.

407-420. 4. G. J. Herring, "Electronic Digitizing Techniques," Journal British IRE, July 1960, pp. 513-517. 5. M. Young, "Factors Limiting A/D Conversion State of the Art," Data Systems Engineering, May 1964, pp. 35-39. 6. George Flynn, "Analog to Digital Converters," Electronic Products, Vol. 10, No. 5, October 1967, pp. 18-48. 7. Bernard M. 710. 8. W. M. Gaines, "Terminology for Functional Characteristics of Analog to Digital Converters," Control Engineering, February 1961. 9. Bernard M. Gordon, "Designing Sampled Data Systems," Control Engineering, April 1961, pp.

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