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Fern. sg. = The feature [ + round] also constitutes a morpheme in this language. " The labial feature attaches to the rightmost labializable consonant in the root (see chapter 2 for a fuller discussion): (8) Perfective 3rd pers. masc. sg. without object: dænæg with 3rd pers. masc. sg. object: dænægw Other familiar examples of tiers which are also morphemes come from McCarthy's work (1979, 1981) on the Semitic languages. In Classical Arabic, for example, roots are represented as melody tiers consisting of three (usually) consonantal melody segmentsfor example, ktb 'write'.

In a polymorphemic word, the initial vowel is specified for roundness, as are any succeeding nonhigh vowels. Spreading proceeds from left to right, as illustrated in (12), on the assumption that the feature [round] is projected on the same tier for each morpheme: (12) Turkish Rounding Harmony (Clements 1980a) = gidiyorum In other words, many autosegmental tone and harmony analyses have assumed that tone features or rounding features are not duplicated on more than one tier. This, of course, does not mean that they explicitly rule out the possibility that there might be some language, for example, exactly like Turkish except that the feature [round] needs to be projected on two tiers: (13) Pseudo-Turkish However, there is good reason to believe that representations like (13), Pseudo-Turkish, should be explicitly ruled out; if they were allowed, they would lead to a serious weakening of autosegmental theory.

B. Obviously we must make one choice or the other for our theory; either the duplication of features on different tiers is permitted or not. If autosegmental theory is to be a general theory of phonological and morphological representations, distinctive features must be distributed onto tiers in some principled fashion. Once the theory has been made consistent in this respect, however, it must then be shown that it works equally well for all sorts of processes that have been analyzed autosegmentally.

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