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6). The floating platform transports the acoustic transducer array, placed beneath the waterline. 5 m. Although only one transducer is necessary for transmission and reception of the sonar echoes, the vertical arrangement enables interferometric height mapping. The horizontal set of transducers is for future use and will enable image enhancement through the use of micro-navigation techniques. Each individual set can be regulated for an angle suitable to illumination of the swath at the expected underwater surface depth.

Adams, A. ; Lawlor, M. ; Zakharia, M. E. (1999). “SAMI: A Low-Frequency Prototype for Mapping and Imaging of the Seabed by Means of Synthetic Aperture”, IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 4-15, January 1999. ; Silva, S. (2007). "ZARCO - An Autonomous Craft for Underwater Surveys", Proceedings of the 7th Geomatic Week, Barcelona, Spain, Feb 2007. Cutrona, L. J. (1975), “Comparison of sonar system performance achievable using syntheticaperture techniques with the performance achievable by more conventional means”, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 58, Issue 2, August 1975, pp.

Transducer array and support system. 22 Advances in Sonar Technology The power-amplifier is a linear amplifier which can have a bandwidth as high as 10 MHz, and has a continuous output power rate of 50 W (RMS). A trade-of was made between output power and bandwidth. Because we are interested in using our system in shallow waters, an output power of 50W was found to be adequate for this 200 kHz sonar system. In exchange it was possible to build a power-amplifier with very flat amplitude and linear phase response in addition to low distortion (THD < -60 dB) in the spectral band of interest.

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