By Barnabas Gikonyo

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Due to their excessive progress expense, algae, microalgae, and aquatic vegetation have gotten the main promising photosynthetic organisms for biofuel construction. Advances in Biofuel creation: Algae and Aquatic Plants explores present investigations and alertness of the fields of biofuel construction and bioengineering and considers from an international context the evolving strategies of algal biofuel creation. The booklet seems at how biomass, particularly sugars, nonedible plant fabrics, and algae (which are distinct first, moment, and 3rd fuels respectively) are utilized in the construction of gas. The feasibility of such tasks, present methodologies, and the way to optimize biofuel construction are presented.

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14] studied the effects of molasses concentration and light levels on mixotrophic growth of Spirulina platensis, and found the biomass production was stimulated by molasses, which suggested that this industrial by-product could be used as a low-cost supplement for the growth of this species. Bhatnagar et al. [15] found the mixotrophic growth of Chlamydomonas globosa, Chlorella minutissima and Scenedesmus bijuga resulted in 3–10 times more biomass production compared to that obtained under phototrophic growth conditions.

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