By Ingo Rammer

ISBN-10: 1590590252

ISBN-13: 9781590590256

Complicated .NET Remoting is the 1st ebook out there that gives in-depth insurance of the .NET Remoting Framework. The publication is split into sections&emdash;the first detailing the specifics of the framework and its features in real-world purposes. themes comprise formatters, channels, lifetime concerns, defense, configuration documents, and the fundamentals of server-activated items as opposed to client-activated gadgets. additionally coated intimately are home windows providers, IIS, and server-side webhosting of remotable parts in console applications.
The moment a part of the ebook provides an exceptional view of .NET Remoting internals. writer Ingo Rammer indicates how the framework makes use of message sinks and sink prone, and offers in-depth guide on tips to enforce message and channel sinks. those chapters additionally supply perception into the synchronous and asynchronous message processing in the framework.
Going some distance past the data you will assemble from Microsoft's documentation, Rammer explains how .NET Remoting quite works, and the way it may be prolonged. The booklet additionally incorporates a bankruptcy at the improvement technique and resource code for a number of real-world message sinks, and indicates you the way to increase a customized Remoting delivery channel from scratch. It concludes with certain insurance of the ContextBoundObject category and .NET contexts, crucial for utilizing the know-how inside of person, client-only functions.

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When your application's design relies on this functionality, you can use a factory design pattern, in which you'll include a SAO providing methods that return new instances of the CAO. Note You might also just ship the server-side implementation assembly to the client and reference it directly. But as I stated previously, this is clearly against all distributed application design principles! Here, I just give you a short introduction to the factory design pattern. Basically you have two classes, one of which is a factory, and the other is the real object you want to use.

BeginInvoke() then returns an IAsyncResult object that will be used later to retrieve the method's return Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 43 44 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action values. When ready to do so, you call EndInvoke() on the delegate passing the IAsyncResult as a parameter. The EndInvoke() method will block until the server has completed executing the underlying method. EndInvoke(ar); Note EndInvoke() will not be visible in the IDE either. The method takes an IAsyncResult as a parameter, and its return type will be defined in the delegate's declaration.

Dll The attribute [OneWay()] has to be specified in the interface definition of each method that will be called this way. As shown in Listing 3-16, you change only the setValue() method to become a one-way method; the others are still defined as earlier. Messaging; namespace General { public abstract class BaseRemoteObject: MarshalByRefObject { [OneWay()] public abstract void setValue(int newval); public abstract int getValue(); public abstract String getName(); 46 Chapter 3: Remoting in Action Chapter 3: Remoting in Action 47 } } Implementing the Client On the server side, no change is needed, so you can directly look at the client.

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