By Margaret Sassé, Georges McKail, Frances Page Glascoe

ISBN-10: 1615190066

ISBN-13: 9781615190065

Flow, play, and energetic exploration within the first 5 years of a child’s existence are necessary to the improvement of his or her physique and mind. Now lively child, fit mind offers a hundred thirty five massages, routines, and actions that interact your child’s love of play whereas additionally stimulating his or her mind improvement in a number of components, including:

Cross-pattern movement
Vestibular (inner ear) stimulation
Fine and gross motor skills

Each job is gifted by itself web page with step by step directions, attractive illustrations, and illuminating sidebars. The certain directions inform you precisely the right way to do every one task, in addition to easy methods to include toys, tune, dance, and video games. No unmarried task takes greater than mins, and all that’s required is ten mins an afternoon. greater than thirty years within the making, lively child, fit mind is an fundamental advisor for everybody who's elevating a baby or who interacts with preschoolers.

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