By Denis Guénoun

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The inspiration of the common was once born within the lands we now name Europe, but it really is exactly the common that's Europe's undoing. All ecu politics is stuck in a pressure: to claim a ecu id is to be open to multiplicity, yet this very openness might dissolve Europe as such. This e-book displays on Europe and its altering limitations over the span of twenty centuries. a piece of philosophy, it continuously attracts on concrete occasions. From historical Greece and Rome, to Christianity, to the Reformation, to the nationwide revolutions of the 20 th century, what we this present day name 'Europe' has been a succession of initiatives within the identify of ecclesia or group. Empire, Church, and ecu: all were developed unlike an Oriental 'other.' The stakes of Europe, then, are as a lot metaphysical as political. Redefining a chain of key ideas equivalent to international, position, transportation, and the typical, this publication sheds gentle on Europe as strategy by means of attractive with the main major philosophical debates at the topic, together with the paintings of Marx, Husserl, Heidegger, Patocka, and Nancy.

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The conflict opposes a stranger (xeinēs) to a native, who calls to mind the mother of Europē, representing her Asian filiation, her sheltering native land. , pulling along] the maiden” (p. 189). Europē did dream of an abduction, away from her native land, toward a foreign and unknown destination. But though it may have been “forceful,” this abduction did not violate her: Europe was pulled away and did not resist. Better yet, we learn that upon waking, the girl leapt forth “in terror, with beating heart,” but then “raised her timorous voice”: “‘Ah, and who was the alien woman that I beheld in my sleep?

However, the Lydians lay claim to the name too; they say that Asia is not named after Prometheus’ Asia, but after Asies the son of Cotys and grandson of Manes, who also gave his name to the tribe at Sardis called Asias. As for Europe, not only does no one know whether it is surrounded by water, but the origin of its name is also uncertain (as is the identity of the man who named it), unless we say that it is named after Europa from Tyre, and that before her time the continent was after all as nameless as the other continents were.

With the empire (of the world) established upon (or as) the impossibility of assembling, it constitutes this gathering as the alterity that escapes and transcends it. This foreignness, with the common-being that it brings, moves outside of the realm that the empire governs, that is, outside of the world. And so the assembly of the people of God, the new ecclesia, is born. The new church of the people of God—called Christian—is the church of that time, the age or epoch of the world. It constitutes itself before the world as that which doubles it and goes beyond it.

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