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Primary verbs, The First LACUS Forum 1974 Pragmatic metonymy, The Second LACUS Forum 1975 Idioms and data, The Third LACUS Forum 1976 Two forms of reductionism, The Fourth LACUS Forum 1977 Alleged idioms with hit, The Fifth LACUS Forum 1978 The noun ice, The Seventh LACUS Forum 1980 The verb kick, The Eighth LACUS Forum 1981 Figurative kick, The Ninth LACUS Forum 1982 The verb slap, The Tenth LACUS Forum 1983 Primary verbs revisited, The Eleventh LACUS Forum 1984 "Particles," The Twelfth LACUS Forum 1985 I must also thank the many linguists at the LACUS (Linguistic Association of Canada and the United States) meetings, who gave support unqualified by the fact that I identified myself as a transformationalist, a breed rare at those annual meetings: Adam Makkai, Valerie Becker Makkai, Saul Levin, Allen Gleason, Page xvi Ulf Bäcklund, Roger Wescott, Peter Reich, Ernst Pulgram, Victor Yngve, Toby Griffin, James Copeland, Sidney Lamb, Michel Paradis, Konrad Koerner, Peter Maher, Kenneth Pike, Earl Herrick, Robert DiPietro, William Sullivan, Janet Collins, Peter Fries, David Lockwood, Allen Walker Read, Carleton Hodge, Michael Cummings, John Morreall, Alan Melby, Yakov Malkiel, Hans-Heinrich Lieb, Richard Gunter, and Robert A.

Typically monosemic words have the quality of being (to use Bierwisch's term) INDETERMINATE. ) (my numbering): What I am after is indeterminateness. It does not turn on syntactic or semantic ambiguity [like What did you expect to melt? and port, respectively], nor on vagueness on a continuous domain [like many. young and dark in Many young people have dark hair]. It rather relates to discrete conceptual distinctions which do not correspond to different semantic structures. Consider the following examples: [1] a.

Malcom X) [2] They heard the grouse take off without ever being quite able to locate its position. (Robert Murphy) [3] They [small frogs] move only when actually dispossessed, taking off in a long leap that is almost a flight. (Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings) [4] Of course, ability plays a part in whether or not a real tackle-buster will be landed, but if one [fish] does latch on, take off for the horizon, and pop the line, the small loss is well worth the excitement. (Joseph D. ) [5] However, he was unable to hold them [horses] and they took off.

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