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Y returns True. x = False; y = True; x and y returns False since x is False. In this case, Python will not evaluate y since it knows that the left hand side of the 'and' expression is False which implies that the whole expression will be False irrespective of the other values. This is called short-circuit evaluation. Python en:Operators and Expressions or Boolean OR 35 If x is True, it returns True, else it returns evaluation of y x = True; y = False; x or y returns True. Short-circuit evaluation applies here as well.

By default, it returns the list of attributes for the current module. Notice that the list of imported modules is also part of this list. In order to observe the dir in action, we define a new variable a and assign it a value and then check dir and we observe that there is an additional value in the list of the same name. We remove the variable/attribute of the current module using the del statement and the change is reflected again in the output of the dir function. A note on del - this statement is used to delete a variable/name and after the statement has run, in this case del a, you can no longer access the variable a - it is as if it never existed before at all.

For example, i = 5 print(i) is effectively same as i = 5; print(i); and the same can be written as i = 5; print(i); or even i = 5; print(i) However, I strongly recommend that you stick to writing a single logical line in single physical line only. Use more than one physical line for a single logical line only the logical line is really long. The idea is to avoid the semicolon as much as possible since leads to more readable code. In fact, I have never used or even seen a semicolon in Python program.

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