By Christine Green

Make outside playtime enjoyable and relaxing with this excellent choice of conventional and new video games that may quickly develop into playground favourites. The actions use on hand gear akin to balls and skipping ropes and may swimsuit person scholars, teams or perhaps the total type.

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Playground Games Ball games 25. Word ball This is a game is very similar to the previous Around the World, but it is intended to reinforce meanings and relations of words. ✦ Explain to the children that you are going to start by saying a word as you throw the ball to the first child. ✦ As this child catches the ball, they will say another word that has the opposite meaning to the word you have just said, for example ‘small’ … big, large, huge, giant, great, massive etc. See how many words the children can come up with.

Walk tall ✦ The ideal rope game, which can be played indoors or outdoors. Place the rope in a straight line on the ground. ✦ The aim of each player is to try to walk the straight line, holding out their arms to balance as they walk. It may sound easy but requires a lot of concentration and if they should lose balance at any point then they are out of the game, whoever reaches the end without falling is the winner. Playground Games 55 Rope games 52. Walk the rope Equipment: Blindfold ✦ A variation on Walk Tall but on this occasion the class is split into three teams depending on how many students are in the class.

A long piece of rope is stretched out across a chalked dividing line on the playground. ✦ After the count of three the teacher gives the signal and both teams start pulling towards their direction. Whichever team manages to pull the other team over to their side are the clear winners. 47. Banana split ✦ This game requires a long rope and a group of children perhaps four or five. ✦ The jumpers all form one line parallel to the rope. Each turner turns the rope once towards the line of jumpers, and then one turn away from them.

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