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Difference Between CNC Machining and Traditional Machining

CNC machining process technology originates from conventional processing technology and is an organic combination of conventional processing technology, computer numerical control technology, computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing technology. Due to the continuous development of technology, there are more and more parts that need precision machining in modern manufacturing, and the requirements for machining precision and surface complexity of the workpiece are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, CNC machining technology has received widespread attention, but in terms of cost savings, CNC machining is still more expensive than traditional machining. Let's introduce the difference between CNC machining and traditional machining technology in detail below.

1. CNC machining process technology and ordinary machining technology

In the ordinary machining process, whether it is positioning datum, clamping method, tool, cutting method, etc., can be simplified, but the data processing process is more complicated, and these factors need to be fully considered, and even the same processing For tasks, the CNC machining process can have multiple schemes, and multiple machining parts and machining tools can be used as the main line to arrange the process. The process has diversified characteristics. This is the difference between the CNC machining process and the traditional machining process.

2. CNC machining process and ordinary machining clamping and fixture

In the CNC machining process, not only the coordinate directions of the fixture and the machine tool must be relatively fixed, but also the dimensional relationship between the parts and the machine tool coordinate system must be coordinated. Moreover, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled during the clamping process. Moreover, under the traditional machining process, due to the limited machining capacity of the machine tool itself, it is necessary to perform multiple clamping during the machining process. Moreover, it is necessary to use special fixtures, which leads to higher costs in the design and manufacture of fixtures, which invisibly increases the production cost of the product. The positioning of the CNC machining process can be debugged by the instrument, and in most cases, no special fixture design is required, so the cost is relatively low.

3. CNC machining technology and ordinary machining tools

In the process of processing, the choice of tools needs to be determined according to the processing technology and processing methods. Especially in CNC machining, the use of high-speed cutting is not only conducive to the improvement of machining efficiency, but also the machining quality can be guaranteed, effectively reducing the probability of cutting deformation and shortening the machining cycle. Therefore, the demand for cutting tools under the guidance of cutting is further increased.

At present, there is also a dry cutting method. This cutting method performs cutting without adding cutting fluid or only adding a small amount of cutting fluid, so the tool needs to have good heat resistance. Compared with the ordinary machining process, the CNC machining process has higher requirements on the performance of the tool.

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