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CNC Machining Process Classification Methods and Differences with Traditional Machining Methods

How to divide the CNC machining process?

The division of the CNC machining process can generally be carried out in the following ways:

  • The tool concentration method is to divide the process according to commonly used tools. The same tool is used to machine all parts of the workpiece that can be processed. The second and third tools are used to machine other parts they can process. This can reduce the frequency of tool changes, shorten the empty travel time, and reduce unnecessary positioning errors.

  • The process can be divided according to the characteristics of the structure of the part, such as internal shape, appearance, slope, or plane diagram, for parts with a lot of CNC machining content. Generally, the plane and positioning surfaces are processed first, and then the holes are processed. Simple geometric shapes are processed first, and then complex geometric shapes are processed. The parts with lower accuracy are processed first, and then the parts with higher accuracy are processed.

  • The coarse and fine CNC machining method can be used for parts that are prone to machining deformation after rough machining, so the process needs to be separated for rough and fine machining.

In summary, when dividing the process, we must consider the structural characteristics and technological performance of the parts, the function of numerical control lathes, the amount of CNC machining content of the parts, the frequency of installation, and the flexibility of the production and manufacturing organization of the company. It is recommended to use a concentrated process or a decentralized process depending on the specific situation, but we must strive for rationality.

What is the difference between CNC machining and traditional machining?

First, let's talk about the popular modern machining method, CNC machining:

First of all, CNC precision machining is an automatically controlled machine tool that is programmed. The program control system can perform logical resolution and control of the program. The program can be decoded by a computer. According to the specified posture, the blank can be machined into a semi-finished product by using a tool to laser-cut the aluminum alloy profile product.

The products processed by the CNC machining center can achieve an accuracy of 0.01mm, not only the accuracy is very high, but also the extra parts can be removed according to the programming. Procedures such as drilling, tapping, cutting, and laser cutting can be completed in one step, which is very convenient and greatly improves efficiency.

Next, let's talk about our traditional manual machine tool:

The traditional machining is generally carried out using a general manual machine tool. Mechanical machining must be manually operated, and the machine lever must be shaken by manpower to make the tool drill and cut the metal material to achieve the machining purpose. In the operation process, calipers and other measurement tools must be used to fix the machining position of the product. Therefore, the accuracy of the product will deviate, which may cause the product to have low accuracy. Especially in cases where there are many hole distances and high accuracy specifications, traditional machining methods are difficult to achieve standards.

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